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I fell in love with Georgiana Montgomery in one night and destroyed her faith in me the next.

I've spent the last year trying to right the epic screw up of our second date, but Georgi's made up her mind about me. I’m too shallow, egotistical, and unlovable to forgive.

But Georgi is the only one I can turn to when my sister shows up at our family's mega yacht anxiety-ridden and contemplating abandoning her bid for the Olympic dive team.

Georgi's uncle kicked her out of their trailer and, as underhanded as it is, I’ll use the opportunity to help the two women I love the most in the world. Her heart of gold will help calm my sister's nerves and fix the second biggest failure in my life, and I can give Georgi a home ... even temporarily.

Maybe being stuck with this anesthesiologist will finally let me prove to Georgi what I’ve known all along: we are soulmates and true love can be a fairy tale.


This closed-door, Enemies-to-Lovers, forced proximity small town romance with Cinderella vibes is perfect for fans of Grey's Anatomy, Sariah Wilson, and Leah Brunner.

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Restaurant Wars

"This is an amazing romance that combines my love of top chef restaurant wars and a great love story! Love the characters and the arc!"

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review

"One of the best books I've read. It was exciting, romantic and would make you cry all at the same time. I couldn't put it down and read it until it was finished. Very enjoyable.. I give it five stars."

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review


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