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A woman in a man’s sport. The opportunity of a lifetime could save her grandma’s legacy. The only thing standing in her way? Him…

To say Camille’s last 24 hours haven’t gone well is an understatement: the football coach threatened to fire her, her boyfriend publicly and humiliatingly broke up with her, and her grandma’s athletic coaching facility is 3 months from bankruptcy. Icing on the scone? The hunk who caught her crying— and flirted with her— outside her bakery is the corporate muckety-muck hired to help her fix grandma’s problems.

2 days. Liam allotted 2 days to pick up his new prosthetic arm and hustle back to work. Those mountains won’t change his clients’ lives by themselves, after all. But when his conscience won’t let him turn down an old mentor’s plea, he’s forced to face the football dreams he buried with his amputated hand.

Stuck working together, Camille’s passion for the sport and Liam’s pedigree might be the recipe to stop bankruptcy and find their happily ever after, but one wrong play will end the program that ensures bright futures for countless kids.

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Praise & Reviews

Restaurant Wars

"This is an amazing romance that combines my love of top chef restaurant wars and a great love story! Love the characters and the arc!"

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review

"One of the best books I've read. It was exciting, romantic and would make you cry all at the same time. I couldn't put it down and read it until it was finished. Very enjoyable.. I give it five stars."

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review


About Daphne

Kettlebell and kickboxing enthusiast.

Drives her minivan like a Maserati.

Believes chocolate chip cookies should have crispy

edges and gooey centers.

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