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Bribing Isa to keep the puppy was the most dangerous decision of Bryce’s life…


If there’s an emergency, don’t call Isa, has become pastry chef Isa Garcia’s family motto. When she finds a puppy in a thunderstorm, she decides she’s done being the butt of the family jokes. Petrified by the fluffy bag of teeth, Isa will do almost anything to overcome her fear and prove to her family she’s reliable.

Dog trainer Bryce Kelley doesn’t want a partner for Elf Hollow’s Obstacle Course Wars, but the Town Council refuses to let him enter the fundraiser as an individual. Isa, his best friend’s ridiculously dramatic little sister, needs his help with her new dog, and bribery will get him what he needs. Too bad she makes his heart race and his palms sweat for all the wrong reasons.

A distractible puppy, barbed wire crawls, and an over-protective best friend can’t stop the growing attraction, but they have secrets they refuse to share. Will they win the race and earn their happily ever after? Or will the truth destroy the greatest prize of all?

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Praise & Reviews

Restaurant Wars

"This is an amazing romance that combines my love of top chef restaurant wars and a great love story! Love the characters and the arc!"

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review

"One of the best books I've read. It was exciting, romantic and would make you cry all at the same time. I couldn't put it down and read it until it was finished. Very enjoyable.. I give it five stars."

                                     - 5 star Amazon Review


About Daphne

When Daphne reads, she searches for the Happily Ever Afters, so it only makes sense for her to write her own. Married for over 16 years, she's Chief Encouragement Officer, makes the best banana bread in the world according to her kids, and thinks every day should start with a warm beverage and sunrise.

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