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Road Trip Ruin

Third Coast Medical Romance Prequel Novella

2 and a half hours with your high school nemesis. No problem. 

8-hour traffic jam… not so much.


    In high school, Angelina Montgomery put cockroaches in Ian Sullivan’s locker, let raccoons loose on his birthday cake, and deflated his truck’s tires every Friday. 

     Now medical students in Houston, when his grandmother begs him to drive Angelina to their hometown for their grandmothers' joint 75th birthday party, he hopes the drone of recorded lectures keeps her from taking up her old ways.

     But a surprise memory reveals Angelina to be more human than monster and repressed feelings rush back. Ian can't decide if he wants to dump her on the side of the road or kiss her breathless.


      Tempers flare and sparks fly in this enemies-to-lovers, road trip romance for fans of Hallmark and Carrie Underwood.

FREE for all VIPs! Download now!

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The Sweet and Swoony Anthology

Third Coast Medical Romance Novella

Get ready to Deck the Halls, romance readers!

Six of your beloved award-winning authors have come together to create a sweet & swoony holiday anthology that is sure to warm your heart.

Starting with the falling leaves of autumn, counting down to Christmas, and guiding you through the New Year, this enchanting charity anthology features six novellas that embody the romantic spirit of the season. Featuring all your favorite tropes, such as: small town, second chance, fake relationship, opposites attract, friends-to-lovers, matchmakers, forced proximity, and of course, a lot of classic holiday magic.

Can you hear the Sleigh Bells? Are you under the mistletoe? It’s going to be a White Christmas thanks to Katie O’Connor, Kelly Moran, Ellie Rhodes, Abbey Easton, Frieda Downing, and Daphne Dyer. Fill your season with true love, festive cheer, warm cozies, and happily ever afters.


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Smitten with the Orthopedic Surgeon

Third Coast Medical Romance #1

What do you do when your ex announces to a bar full of your neighbors that you are too loud, too opinionated, and too domineering for anyone to ever fall in love with you?


Yeah … Bridgette didn’t have a recipe for that one either.


Lucky for her, this baker’s surrogate grandfather knew exactly what she needed. Three weeks on a Texas beach learning how to perfectly smoke a brisket is just the ticket to help her regain her confidence and chart the next season of her life.


She never expected to meet a sexy stranger her first night in town, have fireworks explode behind her eyelids when he kissed her, then have him run away like pitchfork-wielding villagers were chasing him.


Sauce on the brisket? The next morning she learns, he’s her hot instructor who carries a two hundred pound pig like it’s a toy poodle and wields a knife like a samurai. Hello sexy chef.


Keegan knew he shouldn’t have kissed Bridgette, but she smelled like homecooked meals and moonlit walks on the beach. It’s no excuse and seeing her in the back of his classroom, every nerve in his body zings for the opportunity to kiss her again.


Good thing his brain remembers he’s in no place to start a relationship, even a vacation fling. He’s an orthopedic surgeon who belongs reconstructing shattered limbs, not teaching a beautiful woman to butterfly a filet. He’s only helping his old mentor teach the Pitmaster class so the scandal that is his personal life back in Dallas has a chance to cool off.


But when Keegan and Bridgette discover that her benefactor is his long-lost, presumed-dead great uncle, Bridgette sees the serendipity as an opportunity to repay the man who didn’t have to act like the only grandparent she’s ever known. Keegan wants to protect his family from any scandal Bridgette may unearth, so he refuses to let her search alone.


Digging through musty attics, sailing to long-forgotten beaches, and barbecuing on the beach, Bridgette and Keegan’s attraction simmers just below the surface until Bridgette learns the truth behind the secrets Keegan’s kept.


As mysteries are solved and relationships change, how do this physician and this baker learn to trust each other and decide if the happiness they’ve been searching for can be found in each other?


This closed-door, forced proximity, fish out of water, small town romance is Grey’s Anatomy meets Hart of Dixie. Perfect for fans of Sariah Wilson, Leah Brunner, and Courtney Walsh.


You are guaranteed a HEA and no cheating.



Stuck with the Anesthesiologist

Third Coast Medical Romance #2

I fell in love with Georgiana Montgomery in one night and destroyed her faith in me the next.

I've spent the last year trying to right the epic screw up of our second date, but Georgi's made up her mind about me. I’m too shallow, egotistical, and unlovable to forgive.

But Georgi is the only one I can turn to when my sister shows up at our family's mega yacht anxiety-ridden and contemplating abandoning her bid for the Olympic dive team.

Georgi's uncle kicked her out of their trailer and, as underhanded as it is, I’ll use the opportunity to help the two women I love the most in the world. Her heart of gold will help calm my sister's nerves and fix the second biggest failure in my life, and I can give Georgi a home ... even temporarily.

Maybe being stuck with this anesthesiologist will finally let me prove to Georgi what I’ve known all along: we are soulmates and true love can be a fairy tale.


This closed-door, Enemies-to-Lovers, forced proximity small town romance with Cinderella vibes is perfect for fans of Grey's Anatomy, Sariah Wilson, and Leah Brunner.


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